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The following DEQ water quality assessment report is available to view at your disposal:

2022 Integrated Water Quality Assessment Report

The 2022 Water Quality Assessment 305(b)/303(d) Integrated Report serves as a comprehensive overview of the water quality status in Virginia from January 1st, 2015 to December 31st, 2020.

Every two years, information is gathered and consolidated to create a “305(b)/303(d) Water Quality Assessment Integrated Report,” which fulfills the requirements outlined in the Clean Water Act and the Virginia Water Quality Monitoring, Information, and Restoration Act. This report presents a detailed evaluation of the water quality situation and trends throughout Virginia and identifies impaired waters. It also prioritizes these waters, enabling efficient allocation of resources towards their restoration.  

Rappahannock River Basin – Impaired Waters and Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)

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Rappahannock River Basin Fact Sheet 

Chesapeake Bay TMDL Phase III WIP

The Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) is essential in outlining the strategic plan for how Chesapeake Bay states and the District of Columbia, in partnership with federal and local governments, will attain the Bay’s total maximum daily loads. The objective is to decrease nutrient and sediment levels, which are critical to the Chesapeake Bay and its tidal tributaries’ restoration. Resulting in a healthier, more diverse economy, improved water quality, sustainable land use, and increased property values for future generations to enjoy.

The Chesapeake Bay TMDL Phase III Watershed Implementation Plan outlines best management practices (BMPs) and programmatic actions, necessary to achieve state basin planning targets for nitrogen and phosphorus.

DEQ Virginia Data Portal

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