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Chesapeake Stormwater Network Summer Webinar Series – Advancing Sustainable Stormwater Management in the Chesapeake Bay Region

July 10 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Every year, CSN provides numerous webinars on the hottest topics in the stormwater world. Speakers from across the country share new research, case studies, tools, and resources to help make your job easier. Registration is required, but is FREE for you and your employer. Interested in presenting a webinar or suggesting a topic? Please reach out to CSN!

This presentation will overview the advanced use of biochar technology for sustainable stormwater management within the Chesapeake Bay Region. Biochar, a carbonaceous material synthesized through pyrolysis or gasification of (primarily) agricultural and forest wastes or biomass, offers numerous benefits, including enhanced soil fertility, improved water retention, pollutant filtration and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Biochars are considered carbon negative because the thermochemical processes used in their production sequester carbon into highly stable fixed carbon content, ranging from 30+% to 80+%, depending on the feedstock. This carbon sequestration contributes to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and can qualify for carbon credits, supporting a climate-friendly circular economy.

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